Right of Way

The San Diego County Water Authority maintains 310 miles of pipeline and 1,600 related structures and facilities. These facilities are located within the Water Authority's 168 miles of right of way.


A large-diameter pipe in the Water Authority’s aqueduct system undergoing repair

“Right of way” means land the Water Authority owns or has rights to use to operate, maintain, or repair agency facilities. Many years ago, most of the Water Authority’s right of way crossed undeveloped, rural land. Today, much of this land is urbanized with homes and businesses. 

Managing the right of way to preserve the Water Authority's ability to quickly access or repair these vital water facilities is an ongoing effort.

The Water Authority’s Right of Way section assists property owners with questions regarding allowable uses within the Water Authority's right of way. Contact a Right of Way representative at (858) 522-6900 for more information.

A Water Authority right of way