Financials / Investor Relations

Transparency, along with long-term planning, is a large part of the Water Authority’s Investor Relations Program. The Water Authority strives to provide clear policy direction and address current issues through comprehensive strategic, business, and long-range, goals and objectives. Along with long-term planning, the Water Authority provides transparency by supplying comprehensive debt, financial, and budgetary information.


Registered Municipal Advisor Rule

Montague DeRose Certificate

Acacia Certificate

Clean Energy Capital Certificate

Water Authority IRMA Notice

Long-Term Planning

View information on the Water Authority’s Mission, Vision, Strategies and Goals; Strategic Plan; Business Plan; and Long-Term Financing.

Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategies

icon_pdf.pngBusiness Plan

icon_pdf.png 2015 Long-Range Financing Plan

Debt Information

View information on the Water Authority’s long-term and short-term debt, credit ratings, and continuing annual disclosure.
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Desalination Project Pipeline Bond Refunding

View the Water Authority’s Draft Preliminary Limited Offering Memorandum (PLOM) for the refunding of the Series 2019 Pipeline Bonds.
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Financial Reports

View the Water Authority’s audited financial report, the Controller’s Report, and the monthly Treasurer’s Report.
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View information on the Water Authority’s operating and capital budget.
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View information on the Water Authority’s member agencies and Board of Directors, the Water Authority’s overall organization, and the Finance Department.
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To view the Water Authority's job class specifications, salary schedules, and compensation, click here.