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High-tech tool assesses 10 more miles of pipeline

In November, the Water Authority finished 10 miles of pipeline condition assessments using magnetic flux leakage – or MFL – technology. The high-tech tool confirmed the pipeline was in good condition overall and will continue to provide decades of service. It also identified four potentially problematic corrosion areas that were immediately repaired, proving the value of the Water Authority’s aggressive approach to asset management and facilities maintenance.

The Water Authority is one of only three public water agencies in the nation using MFL to locate potential weak spots in large-diameter steel pipelines. The Water Authority is the leading water agency in the world in terms of pipeline distance scanned using MFL, with more than 26 miles assessed.


Emergency exercise boosts preparedness

As part of the Water Authority’s longstanding commitment to ensuring a safe and reliable water supply even under challenging conditions, staff conducted an exercise of the Incident Command System in September. The event simulated what might occur following a 7.1 earthquake on the Elsinore Fault, helping to practice the internal coordination necessary to recover from a long-term water supply outage.

The emergency exercise included events that might unfold over six weeks following an emergency to promote both immediate response measures and the planning necessary to return to normal conditions. It also included staff at multiple locations and three shift changes, allowing primary and alternate staff for each ICS position to practice leading and supporting the emergency response.