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Water Authority sponsors successful state legislation

The Water Authority sponsored three bills in the 2015 legislative session, and all three were passed by the Legislature and signed into law.

Assembly Bill 349 by Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego took an important step in expanding water conservation efforts by allowing homeowners in common interest developments to install synthetic grass as long as the installation is consistent with reasonable design and aesthetic standards adopted by the homeowners' association.

Another significant advancement was Senate Bill 208 by Senator Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens, which streamlines grant funding for disadvantaged communities and non-profit entities. It authorizes the state Department of Water Resources to provide up to half of an Integrated Regional Water Management grant award under $1 million as an advanced payment. The bill was designed to ensure adequate cash flow for those organizations to complete IRWM projects in a timely manner.

The Water Authority also sponsored Assembly Bill 149 by Assemblymember Rocky Chavez of Oceanside. It changes the date for water agencies to submit the 2020 Urban Water Management Plan to June 1, 2021, to allow for up-to-date reporting on water conservation targets for 2020 and population and other demographic data from the 2020 census.

In addition, the Water Authority advocated on nearly three dozen bills during the legislative session and also was actively involved in more than 15 budget trailer bills dealing with drought emergency funding and policy issues during state budget negotiations. The Water Authority was a leader in working with key legislators and the Brown Administration to create the Salton Sea Task Force for addressing state restoration efforts in the Salton Sea Basin.



State Senator Marty Block

Legislative Roundtable fosters relationships

The Water Authority’s legislative efforts included a roundtable in May with state Senator Marty Block and Assemblymember Brian Jones. It featured discussions about water-related issues and legislation affecting the state and the San Diego region.

State Assemblymember Brian Jones