Water Use Efficiency

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Water Use Efficiency

Efficient water use is another core strategy for diversifying the San Diego region’s water supply. By 2020, water conservation measures – ranging from legislation to behavior changes to water-efficient devices to the greater adoption of low-water-use landscapes – are expected to offset 103,000 acre-feet of demand annually.

In 2012, the amount of water offset by conservation measures reached approximately 70,000 acre-feet. Per-capita water use around the region stayed on track to meet or beat state-mandated efficiency goals for 2015, remaining 30 percent below 2007 consumption levels. 

To strengthen the Water Authority’s commitment to water conservation, the Water Authority’s board of directors adopted a set of water use efficiency policy principles in April. The principles provide long-term, strategic direction on the prioritization, development, and implementation of future water use efficiency programs and initiatives. The principles direct the Water Authority to work cooperatively with its member agencies to implement and administer regional programs, sponsor or support helpful legislation, encourage long-term market transformation and behavioral changes (especially in outdoor water use), promote water efficiency as an ongoing civic responsibility, and develop industry partnerships.


Promoting Landscape
Market Transformation

The Water Authority, 11 member agencies and The Home Depot launched a new, exciting public-private partnership to promote water-efficient landscapes. “San Diego County Garden Friendly Plant Fairs” were held throughout the county between February and May at select The Home Depot locations. Thousands of customers learned from experts about water conservation programs and how to plant water-efficient plants, and received discounts from The Home Depot on a variety of low-water-use plants. Partnerships such as this help increase the effectiveness of the Water Authority’s programs by leveraging the retailer’s considerable marketing reach and providing financial incentives, all without additional costs to water ratepayers.