Recycled Water

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Recycled Water

The Water Authority’s diversification plan calls for helping its member agencies grow recycled water supplies from 24,000 acre-feet annually in 2012 to 44,000 acre-feet annually by 2020.

Water Authority staff took the lead on coordinating solutions to concerns raised by its member agencies on county oversight of recycled water use sites. Staff worked with the Department of Environmental Health to adjust its regulatory process and contain fees and charges stemming from that process. As a result of those discussions, the Department of Environmental Health drafted a contract template with a more streamlined, staff-efficient approach for DEH and the member agencies alike.  The draft has been presented to the member agencies for individual agency approval.

The Water Authority also collaborated with its member agencies on a creative way to educate the public on the benefits of potable water reuse. With input from the city of San Diego, Helix Water District, Padre Dam Municipal Water District, and the city of Escondido, the Water Authority produced the award-winning “It’s Perfectly Clear,” a fast-paced, five-minute animated video that explains important facts on the science, technology and water management benefits of advanced treated recycled water. The video was made available to member agencies, environmental groups, and on YouTube.