Diversificaion Strategy on Track

Diversification Strategy on Track

In 1991, the San Diego region relied on a single supplier, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, for 95 percent of all water used in the county. That year, amid drought conditions, MWD imposed a 31 percent cutback in water deliveries to the region. The cutback delivered another blow to an economy already reeling from recession and threatened to stunt the growth of new job-creation engines, including the life sciences industry.

Since then, the Water Authority and its member agencies have pursued a long-term strategy to increase the reliability of the region’s water supply through diversifying its water sources and building and improving regional facilities. Through visionary planning and investments, San Diego County now meets a majority of its supply needs through new sources of more reliable water and increased conservation measures, greatly reducing the region’s vulnerability to shortages from any one supplier.   

The region is well on its way to meeting its water supply diversification goals for 2020. Click on the links below to learn more about efforts to diversify and improve the reliability of San Diego County’s water supply in 2012.

Colorado River Water Transfers (Quantification Settlement Agreement supplies)
Recycled Water
Water Use Efficiency