Aqueduct Protection Program

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Protection Program

The Water Authority’s Aqueduct Protection Program is recognized worldwide for its innovations in inspecting, repairing and replacing large-scale water infrastructure. The centerpiece of the program is the Pipeline Relining Program , a multi-decade effort to extend the service life of 82 miles of large-diameter, pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe around the county. The program, under way since the early 1990s, inserts steel liners into these underground sections of pipe to reinforce them. The relining process costs 40 to 60 percent less than replacing the pipelines and is less disruptive to the environment and surrounding communities.

During the year, the Water Authority relined nearly three miles of pipe traversing Mira Mesa and Scripps Ranch, raising the total length of pipe relined to approximately 30 miles. In addition, staff finished design work for a relining project that will run under parts of Mission Trails Regional Park and eastern San Diego, and began design work for another relining project that will go though parts of Bonita and Chula Vista.


Learn more about the Water Authority’s Pipeline Relining Program and how the liners are actually inserted underground by watching this brief video featuring Bill Rose, director of Engineering. 

Introduction to the Pipeline Relining Program