Frequently Asked Questions

How can SCOOP benefit my business?
What is the Capital Improvement Program (CIP)?
What is the Emergency Storage Project (ESP)?
What is the importance of investing in local water resources? What is a local resource?
Who do I contact about local water use requirements, water rates, my water bill or water leaks?
Why and how should I conserve water? What conservation programs are available through the Water Authority?
What is done to ensure that the quality of water is safe?
Does the Water Authority perform water quality monitoring?
What regulations govern water testing?
Is bottled water safer than tap water?
Who do I contact if our organization would like a speaker to make a presentation on the Water Authority's plans and programs?
How much water can the Water Authority deliver on a daily basis?
How much of that water is treated versus untreated?
How much does it cost to treat water?
How big are the Water Authority’s pipes?
On average, how much power does it take to deliver water?
Who do I contact with questions about my water or my water bill?
How can I learn more about or purchase the Water Authority’s bonds?
What is a municipal bond?
What type of municipal entity is the San Diego County Water Authority?
What types of bonds does the Water Authority issue?
What types of projects does the Water Authority fund from proceeds of its bond issues?
When does the Water Authority make the principal and interest payments on its bonds?
How many bond issues does the Water Authority currently have outstanding?
Has the Water Authority ever missed paying principal and/or interest, or ever defaulted, on any of its bond issues?
When does the Water Authority issue its bonds?
What is the Water Authority’s budget process?
How is the Budget established? What are drivers?
What are the major components of the Water Authority’s budget?
How does the Water Authority receive revenue?
Can the Water Availability charge be waived or deferred?
Who is assessed the Water Availability charge?
What is the Water Availability charge?
Why do I have a Water Availability charge on my tax bill?
What is the Water Authority doing to control rising costs?
Will water costs continue to rise?
What do these factors entail?
Why are rates increasing?
Who is responsible for billing?
Who is San Diego County’s largest employer?
What are the labor force trends for San Diego County?
What is San Diego County’s per capital personal income?
How large is the Water Authority’s service area?
What is the Water Authority’s long-term strategy for supply diversification?
How is State legislation enhancing water supply reliability?
How can I contact my member agency directly?
How can I find which member agency I belong to?
For Further Questions
Can the Water Authority show me where my property line intersects the Water Authority’s right-of-way?
Is there a fee to have the Water Authority stake the right-of-way?