The Water Authority’s Operations and Maintenance Department manages a fleet of over 90 vehicles, as well as heavy construction equipment. The fleet travels over one million miles per year, averaging 4,273 miles per workday. Recognizing the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs, the Water Authority began implementing sustainable measures throughout the fleet several years ago.


The Operations and Maintenance Department evaluates all vehicles scheduled for replacement based on their use, driving patterns, past and project maintenance costs, and potential for replacement with a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Using this review process, the Water Authority both eliminated vehicles and replaced vehicles with hybrids during prior budget cycles.

In the most recent review cycle, eight vehicles were retired without replacements.

Additionally, over 100 GPS units have been installed in the Water Authority fleet. These units improve fleet efficiency through more effective vehicle dispatch and the real-time collection and analysis of vehicle engine performance, including vehicle speed, which results in lower greenhouse gas emissions. The Operation and Maintenance Department is also cutting emissions by retrofitting its on-road diesel vehicles with particulate matter filters in compliance with California Air Resources Board requirements.

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